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Australasian Menopause Society

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The Australasian Menopause Society Limited (AMS) are doctors and other health care professionals who each have a special interest in women's health in midlife and menopause and the promotion of healthy ageing. The Society provides health information which may be freely accessed to help women and their health professionals better understand the transition through this stage of life.

The Society aims to promote discussion, study and understanding of midlife women’s health, encourage and support research into all aspects of midlife women’s health, disseminate quality information to health professionals and the public and encourage the application of that information and knowledge as clinical best practice.


  • Information, factsheets, infographics and resources

  • Directory of NZ health professionals 

  • Workplace training

  • Membership benefits

  • Events, webinars and publications

Location: Australasia
Phone: +61 3 5962 6241